An Overview of the MSTyr15 Action

Market surveillance authorities from 14 EU countries and Turkey have inspected almost 10.000 of the intended total of 15.000 Class C1 passenger car tyres. In some countries, the number of inspections previously agreed has been achieved and the participants are considering checking more tyres, whilst in other countries the inspections are still taking place. This is one of the tasks the participants in MSTyr15 are undertaken during the 28 months action.  Tyres inspected in Ireland

The consortium members are also analysing the documentation of tyres, planning to make 1500 inspections until the Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 comes to an end. The tyre suppliers and distributors have the responsibility to make available technical documentation to the enforcement authorities, when requested. In most of the cases, the participants are facing delays in receiving the documentation which can take in average between two to four weeks.

In addition, the rolling resistance and wet grip performance of tyres have been tested in order to compare the resulted characteristics with each model’s label. The tests were made according to the Regulation (EC) No 1222/2009 modified by Regulation (EU) 1235/2011.

All test results have been made available to the market surveillance authorities who are deciding if the tested tyres are in compliance with the Regulations and whether retesting is needed. 


Mid-term Periodic Review Meeting

The Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 passed mid-term and it is time for the Periodic Review Meeting. This will take place on 31 October 2017, in Brussels. The first part of the day comprises the Advisory Board meeting and part of the third meeting of the Management Team.  This will be open to interested parties upon registration and the agenda can be accessed here.  

The leaders of each Work Package will present the work carried out by the consortium  during the first reporting period  and discuss the plans for the final parts of MSTyr15.  The duration of the Action has been extended from 24 to 28 months.

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MSTyr15 2nd Newsletter

The MSTyr15 publishes the second newsletter announcing the achievements made until now. The first test results for tyres were made available to the market surveillance authorities and,  in addition, the inspections of technical documents have started in most of the participating countries.  

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MSTyr15 Has a New Member

SEAI Logo large

The Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) has become an official member of the MSTyr15 Consortium. The Irish authority expressed its intention to participate in the Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 and the application has been approved by the European Commission.
Together with SEAI, other fourteen market surveillance authorities are part of the Action: Belgium, Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Finland, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and Turkey.
SEAI was planning to undertake tyre labelling inspections on its own, but decided instead to join the MSTyr15 Action as this would present a great oportunity to utilise the good practice already developed and to be part of a pan-EU project. 

Furthermore, the duration of the Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 has been extended from 24 to 28 months.

Inspections of tyres and analysis of documentation

EC tyre label web rgb S
The fourteen market surveillance authorities taking part in MSTyr15 are progressing well into inspecting and checking for non-compliant tyres on the market. Together, the participants have reached almost half of the intended total of 15.000 Class C1 passenger car tyres to be inspected and are futher continuing during the following months. 

In the same time, most of the countries have already started checking the technical documentation of the tyres. The inspectors need to make sure that these documents, which the suppliers and distributors of tyres need to make available  to enforcement authorities upon their request, are in accordance with the Regulation. 

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