The Croatian Authority MINGO, Leader of WP5 Inspection and Testing

The participant from the Croatian Authority MINGO has been appointed to lead the Work Package 5 - Inspection and testing.  The announcement has been made during a web conference on the 14th February 2017.  

The leader is responsible of the overall direction of this Work Package. More specifically, some of his responsibilities are to chair the WP meetings, to overview a good communication and cooperation with the participants and the stakeholders,  and to monitor and supervise the progress of this activity.

The objective of this work package is to carry out an action for coordinated monitoring, verification and enforcement of class C1 tyres, subject to REGULATION (EC) No 1222/2009, REGULATION (EU) No 228/2011, REGULATION (EU) No 1235/2011) using the Good Practices developed during the programme. 

WP5 (Inspection and testing tyres) Second Meeting

All  14 market surveillance authorities participating to MSTyr15 project are ready for the inspections of tyres. Three countries have already started and made until now almost 600 inspections while the others will begin soon. During the project, which will run until early 2018, are expected to take place almost 15.000 inspections of tyres, both summer and winter tyres. 
The current situation of the project was discussed during the WP5 (Inspection and testing) meeting on 25 January 2017, in Brussels, with the participation of the stakeholders. Please find the agenda attached.

The members of the Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 have been informed that a small leaflet was prepared with the aim to be distributed to all the shops that are inspected and to other parties interested in the MSTyr15 activity.  The leaflet gathers not only useful information about the project but also about tyre labelling and the responsabilities of tyre suppliers and distributors. 

MSTyr15 WP5 - Call For Tender - CLOSED

WP5 Inspection and Testing is enquiring whether test laboratories are interested to submit a call for tender for the testing of car tyres type C1. The testing activity covers summer and winter car tyres.
The purpose of the testing is to support market surveillance for summer and winter car tyres in order to verify the following performance values: wet grip and rolling resistance, declared on car tyre labels, in the framework of European Regulation on Tyre Labelling (EC) nr. 1222/2009 amended by Commission Regulation (EU) nr.1235/2011. 
The testing must be based on the requirements defined in these specific regulations considering, as far applicable, also the standards ISO 28580, ISO 23671 and ISO 15222.
However, more detailed information is provided within the formal Call for tender and the PROSAFE General Conditions for Tender. Quotations should be received in hardcopy at the PROSAFE Office, Avenue des Arts/Kunstlaan 41, B-1040 Brussels, Belgium and via email to the Activity Facilitator and PROSAFE Office. The tender should be sent not later than Friday, 10 February 2017, EOB (Time Zone: GMT + 1 hour). Quotations received after the deadline will be rejected.

An Important Training Tool for MSAs

One of the main objectives of the MSTyr15 project is to further train market surveillance officers. In the effort to do this, a label inspection training film has been developed. This is designed as a self-explanatory training tool that can be used by the field inspection staff of the participating MSAs.  

The video provides specific details on how to conduct label and document controls following the EU Regulations, so that to ensure a common label inspection process.

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