WP5 (Inspection and testing tyres) Second Meeting

All  14 market surveillance authorities participating to MSTyr15 project are ready for the inspections of tyres. Three countries have already started and made until now almost 600 inspections while the others will begin soon. During the project, which will run until early 2018, are expected to take place almost 15.000 inspections of tyres, both summer and winter tyres. 
The current situation of the project was discussed during the WP5 (Inspection and testing) meeting on 25 January 2017, in Brussels, with the participation of the stakeholders. Please find the agenda attached.

The members of the Market Surveillance Action for Tyres 2015 have been informed that a small leaflet was prepared with the aim to be distributed to all the shops that are inspected and to other parties interested in the MSTyr15 activity.  The leaflet gathers not only useful information about the project but also about tyre labelling and the responsabilities of tyre suppliers and distributors. 

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