WP2 Good Practice

The intent of this programme is to bring all participating MSAs up to a similar level of enforcement by using the same common methods, protocols and checklists - the so-called “Good Practices”. The adoption of these Good Practice guidelines,  which have been developed in MSTyr15, and the subsequent routine implementation of them in the future activities of the MSAs are key to this. 

Good Practice Guidelines

  • The legal base (REGULATION (EC) No 1222/2009, REGULATION (EU) No 228/2011, REGULATION (EU) No 1235/2011)
  • How to set up national market surveillance and inspection programmes
  • How to select tyre outlets for on-site tyre label inspection
  • Use of database, sharing of data between MSAs
  • How to identify and record EU-wide product model numbers
  • How to conduct label checks
  • What to request and what to look for in the supplied technical documents  (covers risk assessment)
  • How to select models for verification testing
  • Interpreting performance test results
  • How to enforce the provisions of the regulations



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