WP5 Inspection and testing

The objective of this work package is to carry out an action for coordinated monitoring, verification and enforcement of class C1 tyres, subject to REGULATION (EC) No 1222/2009REGULATION (EU) No 228/2011, REGULATION (EU) No 1235/2011 using the Good Practices developed earlier in this programme.

Market research is being commissioned to enable each of the participating MS to establish which brands of tyres are available on their national market. The results from the market research will be used in the planning of the work programme that follows.

A market surveillance action will be then organised to inspect a large number of labelled tyres being held in stock at distribution and retail sites in each of the participating MS.

The inspections of labelled tyres will be undertaken following the Good Practice guidance. All the results will be collected using the App and stored in the centralised database.

The next step in the sequence will be to organise a market surveillance exercise for document inspection implemented by the MSAs in a coordinated programme following the Good Practice guidance.

Following this, the MSAs will carry out sampling and performance testing of tyres. The testing programmes and procedures being coordinated across the participating MSAs to avoid duplicating testing.

The brands/models selected for testing will be subjected to the verification test requirements for rolling resistance (for energy efficiency) and wet grip (for safety) according to Regulations (EC) 1235/2011 and 1222/2009.

Enforcement action will be taken by the MSAs where non-compliances have been detected in respect of labelling, following on from the documentation examinations or due to the results of testing.

Provides four streams of activity structured in a hierarchy:

  • WP5/1: Professional market research study conducted MS to determine what suppliers are active in each market.
    WP5/2: Inspection of labelling on tyres in retail and distribution depots. Anticipated that each MS will examine 2000 labelled tyres (site visits).
  • WP5/3: Examination of technical files from a sub-section of the examined tyres. From this a further subsection (circa 20 models of tyres per participating MS) are sampled and sent for testing.
  • WP5/4: Follow up of the test results with the suppliers. Enforcement actions taken where non-compliances have been detected.





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